Where Have All the People Gone?

©Karmin Peterson 2010

Where have all the people gone?
Are they off the streets? are they back in school?
Are they out of work and have no wool?
Wind and rain keep the skies so gray.
The summer was short and just slipped away.

Where have all the people gone?
No point in saying, no one to show
They only tell us what they want us to know.
History's no different than right now.
There's a few at the top and most wonder how.
People work and work and down they bow,
Pushing pens or wares or pulling a plow.

News of great heights, news of black depths
Earthquakes and floods, big games and big bets
Stories could be true, stories could be not.
Seems to come down to what you've got.
Maybe you've got money, maybe you've got wealth
But do you have Soul, and do you know your Self?
You pay big to gain big, you can own many things
You can lose so much of what simple Life brings.

Where have all the people gone?
Have they gone astray? Have they broken hearts?
Have they lost their way? Have they torn themselves apart?
Apathy and obsession will blind your view.
To learn to live well, you will see anew.
Some win big while others fall hard.
If you don't like your hand, then choose another card.
But the deck is stacked, or so you say.
So turn within and find the Way.

Turn inside and you will find out
Turn to the light and live without
Fear and hate of what you don't understand
Turn inside out and cross that line in the sand

Turn inside and come from Pure Land.
Turn to the light and make a stand.
Make peace with yourself, let go of despair
Then turn inside out...if you dare.

Mud Slide
©Karmin Peterson 2006

Rain comin' down all over my head
Makes the sweetest sound, more than anyone said
But then at some point, you'd think it should stop
But when it didn't, thought the river would pop

But no! The rain just kept going
And the river was flowing
Taking the water away
Washing the banks down that day

That water was cleansing til it hit the ground
Then it mixed to make mud with a sloshing sound
Yeah, I felt so clean once, it was black and white
But it's a real gray zone now – is it blessing or blight?

But no! You really can't judge it
You can push it and not budge it
Does the rain have a will
And can we nudge it?
To make it stand still
Bet then why...should we do...that

Rain comin' down all over our heads
Making the rounds,are you awake or in bed
Once solid ground, now sliding away
Is it time to rise or time to pay?

But now! I must be going
Now that I'm showing
I'm on my way
Living tomorrow
Like there's only today
I'm going to stay – one more day now
I'm going to stay

Window of Opportunity

©Karmin Peterson 2007

The Window of opportunity is Here
The Window of opportunity is Now

You can dream about the past or remember the future
It might help move you fast, but the only time to act is Now

Approaching Zero
©Karmin Peterson 2011

Approaching Zero to become
You be zero to be one
From Zero Point you emanate
Like the Sun you radiate
Life flows through you until you're done
You flow through life from zero to one
Being nothing in particular, living close to the line
Our ancestral life form was amorphous slime

Now taking shape for a reason
You take your turn just like a season
A wave in time you cannot see
The path it takes leaves debris
Cutting water with a knife
You make a ripple, yeah that's your life
What you leave behind for all to see
It's your choice, you know if you're free

Live the life until its end
How you live is the message you send
You hit the wall in the mirror you look
To view the life, all you gave and took
Gained experience and skillful means
To navigate the rivers and streams
What you give is what you get
Remember deep or you will forget

Accumulation of things and stuff
Those are tools but not enough
Live life full, that's what it's for
To love another will show you more
When love flows, you feel no pain
From Zero to One is what you gain
Approaching zero you simplify
Tell the truth, and live no lie

Approaching zero from below
Less than zero is in debt you know
May feel like grace to borrow
But you may never be free for how much you owe
Better to work and pay as you go
Than wait and see without body in the Bardo
Presence and your habits will carry you through
What you do now is likely what you will do
Approaching zero as the end of time
Perhaps you do more or you see the sublime
But what's the ending in an endless universe
Just another chorus before the next verse
The cycle seems to begin 'n' go around the bend
A circle has a center but it has no end
The Center is everywhere between everything
Listen to the sound it makes, you'll feel the ring

Disintegration of this reality
People stop believing things and set themselves free
It's a hard road, but all things die eventually
To make room for new ways and life as you can see.

Approaching zero to become
You be zero to be one
From Zero Point we emanate
Like the Sun we radiate
Life flows through us until we're done
We flow through life from Zero to One

One Wave
©Karmin Peterson 2011

Deep Ocean Swell, born of a storm
Travels so well, yet to be torn
No obstruction in sight, travels day and night
Apparent rise and fall, nothing follows at all

Water can swirl, currents do flow
Waves roll on, in disregard they go

Traveling for miles.........what does move
water up and down..........nothing to prove

Force rolls on in direction...passing thru the water, the medium
molecules of matter displacing...wave energy moves on, it's own pacing

Now close to shore it feels the floor
Now rising and arising it shows what it's for

One Wave...Ecstatic
Culminating Life...Dissolving
Beauty 'bove the violence
Mixing with the sand...then Silence

Water Yields to the Land
Then returns to Thy Hand

Water Yields to the Land
Mixing with the Air and Sand
Cleansing the Rocks and
Returning to the Ocean

Water Yields to the Land
Cleansing the Rocks and Sand
Returning to the Ocean
Back to the Source in Union

Unfolding in the World
©Karmin Peterson 2011

From One comes Two which then makes Three
I is Here to Do and Be
When you see what is not Real
Then you may begin to Feel

We are all One
Life emerging from the Sun
If you see that it's a show
Then you may see the way to go

Spirit and Matter: One Energy
Spirit vibrating more rapidly
We direct Force with Intention
With Wisdom to do what needs be done

One day I heard a voice
It said we had a choice
To Love and not to Fear
To take the reigns and to steer

Unfolding myself in this world
From a seed that is eternal
I take impressions, food and air
To make myself and to dare

I risk my view and what I think
To Be Here Now and to take a drink
In the Water of Life I take part
I Do my best coming from the Heart

We are all One
Life emerges from the Sun
If you see that it's a show
Then you'll see the way to go

Beyond the Fences

© Karmin Peterson 2011

Through the galaxy we are hurled
Across time and space
Now walking on this world
I take my place

I am here now
Expanding my senses
Moving past fear now
Beyond the fences

No separation, walls dissolve
To Live and to Love, I resolve
To work and to play and all that involves
To breathe and to pray as the earth revolves
And here am I, here to evolve

It's not that there's no difference between you and me
It's just that right now we can really see
Communication is Being in the others shoe
You as me and me as you

Just Like Clay

© Karmin Peterson 2011

Push it and pull it
Drop it and throw it
Mold it to fit
Inside a palm

Hold it and warm it
Stretch it gently
With the last movement
It stays calm

Flex it and shape it
Keep it, integrate it
Any shape you desire
Any shape at all

Dry it and burn it
That's what you get
Rigid and fragile
From the fire

Then hold it with care
And set it down slow
Warming the soul
Then letting it go
Turning around and around
Coming back in slow
You may know what you've found