From the recording Approaching Zero

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Where have all the people gone?
Are they off the streets? are they back in school?
Are they out of work and have no wool?
Wind and rain keep the skies so gray.
The summer was short and just slipped away.

Where have all the people gone?
No point in saying, no one to show
They only tell us what they want us to know.
History's no different than right now.
There's a few at the top and most wonder how.
People work and work and down they bow,
Pushing pens or wares or pulling a plow.

News of great heights, news of black depths
Earthquakes and floods, big games and big bets
Stories could be true, stories could be not.
Seems to come down to what you've got.
Maybe you've got money, maybe you've got health
But do you have Soul, and do you know your Self?
You pay big to gain big, you can own many things
You can lose so much of what simple Life brings.

Where have all the people gone?
Have they gone astray? Have they broken hearts?
Have they lost their way? Have they torn themselves apart?
Apathy and obsession will blind your view.
To learn to live well, you will see anew.

Some win big while others fall hard.
If you don't like your hand, then choose another card.
But the deck is stacked, or so you say.
So turn within and find the Way.

Turn inside and you will find out
Turn to the light and live without
Fear and hate of what you don't understand
Turn inside out and cross that line in the sand

Turn inside and come from Pure Land.
Turn to the light and make a stand.
Make peace with yourself, let go of despair
Then turn inside out...if you dare.