Karmin Peterson sings and plays guitar, trumpet, bass, keyboards and tablas. His style is founded in rock music with elements of funk, jazz, folk, East Indian and flamenco.
His style is influenced by Jethro Tull, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Robin Trower and Peter Gabriel, among others.

His lyrics talk about the beauty and dangers of the outer world, while embracing the inner for strength and guidance.
The message:
Recognize the interconnected of all things, evolve ones Self, experience Joy and Be in the moment.

He released his 3rd studio album. "Life and Death" in December of 2022 with songs inspired by dear people in his life as well as stars in the sky. He performs solo on guitar and voice (with loops and backing tracks at times), to give the feel of a full band.

Virgin Records International noticed him and said "Great music!"