From the recording About Time

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Mountains Shake
Changes Come
Mountains Shake
Loved Ones Lost
Their Homes yet to remake
We are here to help each other out
Grateful for this life full of mystery to wonder about
We can learn to grow
Seek to know
Who we really are before it's time to go

Changes come
Through cleansing flame
In the West we are always looking for someone to blame
We could look to help each other out
To find the cause of the ill
And choose another route
We can learn to grow
Seek to know
What wee can change and
When to let it go

Love one another
Give your heart away
Grow a thousand hearts
a new one each and every day
Fill the world with light
Make the darkness bright
Fill it up with love
To make below more like above
Turning from the ways of the Hawk
To those of the Dove
This is what we are speaking of